Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL and Shift and Esc – Opens the Task Manager                  ALT and Tab – Switches between programs
ALT and F4 – Quits the program you are in                               Shift and Delete – Deletes item permanently

WINDOWS BUTTON and p – If you use Dual Monitors with Windows

Control Key and c – Copy; Control Key and x – Cut; Control Key and v – Paste; Control Key and z - Undo

 Check out the Websites/Programs/Tips that can benefit your computer or pocketbook below

04/17/15 - Google Chrome Updated their Bookmark Manager to a new version
(If you want the old version here is what to do)

open up chrome and in the http line put in:


In the options DISABLE the Enable Enhanced Bookmarks
then close out of chrome and re-open and BOOM back to normal!


Other Links and Programs you might like to check out below


Got a Desktop Computer? Do you have a Battery Backup UPS?

If not, read why you should think about getting one. Surge Protectors don't help you!

Actually, it helps prevent surges, but if you lose power with a power surge or shutdown, the surge protector is useless. This is one of the problems I find that people either home users or business owners do not look at. The nice thing about this, its an insurance policy that will protect your Power supply, Hard Drive, or having a system that won’t boot up. If you run a Laptop, this has a built in battery which won't make the machine shut off improperly.  It might be a good idea to think about since it would stop a power spike from damaging your laptop as well.

We recommend using an APC 450VA-600VA Battery Backup (Usually can get them on sale for about $45-60)


We recommend and resell ESET Antivirus NOD32 Version 8. 
If you want the AntiSpam add on then you would want to get the Smart Security 8. 
We buy them in multiple licenses, so if you want one of the best AntiViruses check it out.

Enough people love FREE Antiviruses, but viruses getting created daily, why take the chance of losing information or the headache! 

Have a Virus? Try ESET’s FREE Online Scan to maybe clean it.

Be careful of websites or the popups you click on!

When you click on the Pop-Up's or advertising games, this sometimes redirects your web browser and downloads a variety of spyware or cookies that can effect the performance of your computer.  Companies do this because they make money each time you go to their site.



Why Carbonite Online Backup?

Because your life is on your computer

Have you considered how much of your life is on your computer? Photos, emails, music, financial records, documents, and so much more. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and everything was gone?

Carbonite Protects You From

  • Accidental Deletion  -  43% of people lose irreplaceable files every year
  • Theft   -  Only 3 out of 100 stolen laptops are ever recovered
  • Disaster    -   Thousands of files are lost each year to fires, floods, and other disasters
  • Drive Failure   -  Up to 13% of hard drives crash in their first year

If you want 2 months free with a year purchase click on

Great Remote Software either for Windows or Mac.  We also use this to remote in to clients all around the world too!

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After Hour and Weekends are available on appointment
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