We provide quality computer repair service and understand the importance your computer plays in your life.

We don't offer “quick fix” solutions like many of our competitors. Instead, we focus on the machine as a whole.

Looking to upgrade to a faster laptop or desktop?

If you are thinking about a laptop, make sure you go with an SSD hard drive. Do not get fooled into buying any CPU lower than a 6th generation processor, buying one with an SATA drive, or buying refurbished. SATA drives has moving parts and they do not make hard drives like they used to.

This will help performance and you want to get a laptop with 8GB of ram and at least 256GB or higher since Windows will eat up about 20GB and if you get a 128GB you might fill that up. You will want to look at the Intel i3 processor and avoid Celeron ones.

Average life in a computer is 2-5 years and the software is what makes you upgrade your machine or want to do more with the system. Anyone can buy a new PC, but the key is the configuration and how it is setup to run better.

PC IT Back Together makes new Windows 10 PC’s run smooth and install a variety of programs to make Windows run better and ease of use! 

Remain Sane… We Fix the Pain!

Give us a call today or if you are in the market for a new PC or want to talk about your current system, need virus protection, backup issues and much more!  We got rated #1 in SE Wisconsin for PC Repair and always looking to help more home and business clients.


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